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This weekend was a lot of fun!  On Saturday morning I went to a group bike ride— rode my longest yet!!!!! ~ 50 miles.  My friend Nick (who just got into biking last year and is already a beast!!!!) decided to “take it easy” (well easy for him…definitely not for me haha) and came along with my sister Mary, Todd (mary’s boyfriend), our friend Vance, and I.  We all had so much fun out there….I really love going to the group rides and having Nick out there was a definite plus- although he was going “slow” his pace was still fast for me and it made me push myself a little harder.  I cant wait for next saturday morning!!!

Here is a shot of some of us after the ride (there was about 40 people total there)

Left to Right: me, Vance, Nick, Todd, Mary

As you all know…Saturday afternoon USA played Ghana in the World Cup.  I met my two friends Brad and Nick (and Nick’s girlfriend Chantal!) at a bar in Atlantic City to watch the game.  here is a shot of brad and nick during the game (yes those are american flags they are wearing)

Brad was pretty heart broken after the game…

for some reason I never really got into watching soccer…I played soccer for 14 years of my life but never really got into actually watching it. not really sure why because it is interesting/fun to watch.  I was disappointed that USA lost but not as disappointed (or even close to) as Brad was.  now if it was the Flyers playing on the other hand…I would have most definitely looked like Brad haha.

photo of Chantal and Nick (p.s. it is Nick’s 21st birthday today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!)

This weekend my sister and I tried a new recipe…Chile Lime Crab Salad with Tomato and Avocado. mary found the recipe in the Food and Wine magazine and has been wanting to make it…here is a photo of the finished product!!! you can visit her blog to see the recipe.  It was really good- light and refreshing.

and to top off the weekend I had the one and only… Banana Whip. A lot of people in the “blogworld” call this Banana soft serve but around my area it has been around for quite some time- and is known as Banana Whip.  Basically it is just frozen banana whipped up.  they stick it through a juicer (photo below) and it comes out looking just like ice cream- it tastes SO GOOD,too.  you would think you were eating ice cream!!!! and to make it extra healthy (haha…NOT) I like to order it with Reeses Cups (plus extra on the side because im a fatty!)

here is the juicer they use to make Banana Whip (you can also make Banana Whip at home by sticking the frozen bananas in the food processor).

I hope you believed my corny title and actually thought I got a tattoo this weekend muhahah…. I actually didnt.  What I was referring too was the bike chain marks on my sister’s leg after the group ride…they say its a sign of a novice rider…I am not sure if that is true or not so do not quote me on that one….

Hope you all had a nice weekend— see ya!


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