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a crabby situation

Hope you are all having a great weekend so far!!!  last night my two friends, Brad and Nick, came over my house for Game 4 of the Flyers/Blackhawks series.  We decided to make crabs and spaghetti together.  none of us had ever cooked crabs by ourselves before so it was pretty exciting haha.  We borrowed Nick’s Grandmom’s pot to steam the crabs in.  In the pot we added a quarter of an inch of water, 2 bottles of beer, and a 1/3 of a small bottle white wine vinegar. then we placed the crabs in the pot and seasoned them with old bay.

the crabs before we steamed them

nick and brad haha

we let the last little guy crawl on the floor before placing him in the pot. poor thing 😦

I felt bad for the poor crabs.  They were making all sorts of noise in the pot when it got really hot.  poor little dudes.  but they did taste very good I must say haha…here is the finished product:

finished product

This is the pasta sauce I made for the Linguine.  I also added some crushed red pepper flakes….

homemade red sauce with crushed red pepper flakes

nick making a goofy face while eating his pasta….

hard at work on the crabs

Then we watched the Flyers Game… it was a great game… richards’ goal (in the first period) was absolutely awesome. but as expected, the flyers gave us a little scare in the third…

the next morning we woke up and road our bikes to get some breakfast at a place in my town called Hannah G’s and then hit the beach for a couple of hours…it was so humid outside today! had a really fun time 😉

anyways…I CANNOT wait for the game tomorrow night.  hope we can get a win away!  Here is a photo of me torturing my poor little pup bradley—

bradley thrilled about the flyers big win

well…I’m off to eat some dinner…enjoy the rest of your weekend 😉


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