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Had a Cherry Pie Luna bar right before taking off on my run!  I cant believe I was missing out on that all of this time!  Run went pretty well- average pace per mile was 8:03 and I finished in 40:13.57.  We usually run about 7:47-50 minute miles and my sister wanted to go slow today and take it easy.  Ended up being pretty tough for me though!  Not exactly sure why haha


Dinner tonight was great- as expected (since I know I love that recipe!)  Bobby Flay’s Turkey Kofte with Apple Raita and Spinach pitas are so easy to make and are really really good!  I love the apple raita that goes on top (consists of greek yogurt, granny smith apple, kosher salt, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper (just a pinch though!))!  The turkey mixture smells SO GOOD, too!  If you want something quick, nutritious, and tasty- definitely check this one out!  sorry for the not so great picture!


After dinner my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, and I got Banana Whip- basically its frozen bananas that they stick through a juicer type machine and it comes out looking like ice cream!  But all it is—is banana!  We topped this with Naturally More peanut butter we just found at the store!  I was so excited to try this out- the nutrition facts are impressive and it tasted great!!


I forgot to take a picture of my Banana whip so for now use your imagination- it wont be for long though because Im sure ill be getting this again soon!

Leaving home tomorrow a little before 10 AM with my cousin Michael to see the semi finals and finals of the SRA Nationals!  Should be a very long and exciting day!  I plan on waking up pretty early- around 6:30- maybe do shred and go for a very short bike ride followed by breakfast, a shower, and a two hour drive to the races!   Good night!


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