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Hey everyone!  This is going to be a pretty quick update… Today my sister, Mary, our friend Vance and I went on our first group ride at Tuckahoe Bike Shop. Our friend Nick rides there every saturday and sunday and finally got us out there this morning.  He was actually not riding today- he had his first race!!  I actually didnt find out how it went yet but I am sure did great- he really is an awesome rider.  anyway— the group ride was so much fun!! everyone there was so nice, too.  At first I was a little nervous that I wouldnt be able to keep up with everyone but it wasnt a problem at all- the group ride really accommodates all types of riders. cant wait to go back next weekend!

post ride

Then Mary, Danielle (my oldest sister) and I headed to the beach with our friend Nick.  After a little while we walked down the beach (which we thought was going to be a short-ish walk but ended up being really far…woops) to this place called Lisa’s Market…so good!

margarita pizza

salad with pasta, feta, zucchini, mushroom, onion...not sure what else!

nicks's focaccia panini

I got a new digital camera that you can take underwater…it takes really great photos… nick tried to get a photo in the barrel of the wave. failed but it was still a good shot.

Happy Father’s day to all the daddios out there!!! hope you are all having a nice weekend 🙂


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