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The winter classic is an annual NHL ice hockey game on New Years day in an outdoor rink.   this year, the bruins are hosting it at FENWAY PARK versus THE FLYERS!!!  in case you didnt know- im a hardcore philadelphia flyers fan.  i am so so excited about this 🙂  My birthday is January 2nd, one day after the game.  birthday present? christmas present?  haha i really want to go but we will see how much tickets are and such.  What is your favorite sports team?

Tonight I went to Vinyssa Yoga class– she concentrated on the core- and oh my goodness- i was sweating up a storm and shaking like a polaroid picture- yes i really just said that. hahaha  anyway- it was great and i loved it so much.  came home and heated some carrot soup I had in the freezer! my sister made this- it is honestly SOOO GOOODDDD! hit the spot 🙂


In other news, my sister and I bought 2 new books today:


she bought time traveler’s wife and i bought best friends forever. we are going to switch when we are finished.  but first i gotta finish certain girls- to be honest i havent read much of it- i gotta get on the ball!!

first run for Marathon training!  3 miles- didnt bring the garmin but i believe it was like 7:40 pace?  another 3 miles is scheduled for tomorrow.

plans for the rest of the night:  may get some banana whip- or as you guys call it- raw banana custard- 3 places by me sell this- favorite combo is banana whip with reeses peanut butter cups.  not sure if we are going or not- we shall see.  have a good night!!!


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