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This weekend was a lot of fun!  On Saturday morning I went to a group bike ride— rode my longest yet!!!!! ~ 50 miles.  My friend Nick (who just got into biking last year and is already a beast!!!!) decided to “take it easy” (well easy for him…definitely not for me haha) and came along with my sister Mary, Todd (mary’s boyfriend), our friend Vance, and I.  We all had so much fun out there….I really love going to the group rides and having Nick out there was a definite plus- although he was going “slow” his pace was still fast for me and it made me push myself a little harder.  I cant wait for next saturday morning!!!

Here is a shot of some of us after the ride (there was about 40 people total there)

Left to Right: me, Vance, Nick, Todd, Mary

As you all know…Saturday afternoon USA played Ghana in the World Cup.  I met my two friends Brad and Nick (and Nick’s girlfriend Chantal!) at a bar in Atlantic City to watch the game.  here is a shot of brad and nick during the game (yes those are american flags they are wearing)

Brad was pretty heart broken after the game…

for some reason I never really got into watching soccer…I played soccer for 14 years of my life but never really got into actually watching it. not really sure why because it is interesting/fun to watch.  I was disappointed that USA lost but not as disappointed (or even close to) as Brad was.  now if it was the Flyers playing on the other hand…I would have most definitely looked like Brad haha.

photo of Chantal and Nick (p.s. it is Nick’s 21st birthday today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!)

This weekend my sister and I tried a new recipe…Chile Lime Crab Salad with Tomato and Avocado. mary found the recipe in the Food and Wine magazine and has been wanting to make it…here is a photo of the finished product!!! you can visit her blog to see the recipe.  It was really good- light and refreshing.

and to top off the weekend I had the one and only… Banana Whip. A lot of people in the “blogworld” call this Banana soft serve but around my area it has been around for quite some time- and is known as Banana Whip.  Basically it is just frozen banana whipped up.  they stick it through a juicer (photo below) and it comes out looking just like ice cream- it tastes SO GOOD,too.  you would think you were eating ice cream!!!! and to make it extra healthy (haha…NOT) I like to order it with Reeses Cups (plus extra on the side because im a fatty!)

here is the juicer they use to make Banana Whip (you can also make Banana Whip at home by sticking the frozen bananas in the food processor).

I hope you believed my corny title and actually thought I got a tattoo this weekend muhahah…. I actually didnt.  What I was referring too was the bike chain marks on my sister’s leg after the group ride…they say its a sign of a novice rider…I am not sure if that is true or not so do not quote me on that one….

Hope you all had a nice weekend— see ya!


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Girls Night.

hello hello!  Today was a very good day.  for starters, my 3 mile run went great- absolutely no tightness/pain in the knee 😉  i think the rest day, stretching, and aleve did the trick.  I made overnight oats for breakfast- i actually haven’t had this in about five days!! (gasp) I had 1/2 C oats, 1/2 C skim milk, 1/4 C vanilla chobani, 4 chopped dates, banana, flax, and cinnamon.  so good! What is your favorite overnight oat combo?

I had work today… at lunch time we did a little bit of this:

CIMG3149this is two guys i work with- vance and nick– in the process of playing some Rummy 500…. we are slightlyyyy addicted to this game haha

For lunch I decided to try something I think I saw Holly do one time? correct me if I am wrong por favor.

CIMG3147This is Guacamole (avocado, tomato, lime, kosher salt, cilantro (didnt have onions!)) on top of 2 slices of Ezekiel. I also had some Cascadian Farms Organic Kids Cinnamon Crunch Cereal (with skim) and a golden delish apple. yum yum

After work my sister and I went to Vinyssa Yoga- good class (i dont think i have ever had a bad class at this studio) but the teacher has taught better classes.  still loved it though so no biggie.  My sister and I decided that we wanted to make pizza tonight- so we called up our friends Charna and Stef (two girls we work with) to come over for dinner.

CIMG3152Whole Wheat pie with red sauce, cheese, broccoli, spinach, and basil 😉

CIMG3155my plate x a million….

this was so good!  we had a lot of fun together.  we talked forever and then decided to get some banana whip!! (with reeses cups of course)

dscn0460***confession*** i have used this same photo about 10 times… and its not even that good of a shot. next time I will take a better shot of my banana whip and spare you of the same boring photo each and every time I order banana whip!

We had such a fun time together tonight.  Tomorrow is my last day of work.  I am really going to miss everyone I worked with this summer- we really have a nice group of people….i am going to miss them all!

okay  I better get to bed…i have a 5 miler before work to get in!  Good night!!!


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Good day there mates! My Grandmom was not feeling well today and did not come out to dinner tonight.  She has bladder cancer (she has had it for 4 years now?) and every so often she had a few bad days here and there where she feels very weak and tired.  Today was one of those days.  My mom thought her blood count was low and that she would need another blood transfusion but things in that department seemed to be fine…it was just the affects of the cancer.  She is on steroids so alot of the time she “feels” great when she actually is not.  she stopped taking her steroids for a few days and then started to feel what she felt like today…sick and weak.  so anyway- my mom went over there and brought her food and whatnot and my grandmom went to sleep.  My sister and I are off tomorrow from work so we are going to go over there in the morning to check up on her and get whatever she needs.  I really hate seeing her sick.  She is honestly what i want to be like when I grow old.  She is so active and hip.  She lives in a apartment complex with all her “old lady friends” and always goes out to eat, teaches water aerobics, plays shuffle board, sees plays in NYC, goes on cruises, you name it.  That is why its so hard to see her tired and weak.  that is not her at all.  but, thats life, right?  I dunno, even though I accept it and understand it all, I know I will never be ready for it.  you cant prepare yourself for things like this, you just cant.  what doesnt help me at all is that fact that I never had to deal with having to see someone who i love and am very close with be sick.  guess there is a first time for everything.  oh well…enough of that.

So my sister and I did end up going to The Lobster House in Cape May… it was completely packed.  to sit in the dining room, it was 1.5-2 hour wait!  Clearly that was not a choice, so we decided to sit out on the deck- which was nice 🙂


The atmosphere on the deck is very very relaxed.  You order at the window and they call your number on the loud speaker when it is ready for pick up.  and then you find a table that is open and eat your dinner.  I ordered Crab Stuffed Broiled Flounder with corn on the cob and a baked potato


REALLY GOOD! The crab really made the flounder 100X better (so happy I chose to get the flounder stuffed versus just regular broiled flounder)  It honestly was like heaven in my mouth haha.  Afterwards we got Banana Whip with Reeses Cups. When we walked in the shop the lady immediately recognized us and remarked that we have not been in the shop in awhile and then proceeded to say “2 banana whips with reeses cups?”  Okay, I guess we go there a bit too much haha….i cant help it though- im slightttllyyyy addicted.


In other news…I saw Julie & Julia tonight!!!  Ashley was completely correct when she said that all bloggers will love this movie!  I mean come on, a movie about cooking AND blogging???  what is there not to like!  I felt like a dummy though….I always thought Meryl Streep‘s name was Meryl StreeT… did anyone else think this? or am I the only dummy out there?  anyway, the movie was really good, I enjoyed it mucho 🙂



Okay, I am going to make myself some tea, read Time Traveler’s wife (which I am still only at the VERY beginning of!) and get to bed.  Rest day tomorrow and no work!  Have a nice night 🙂


p.s. I made my sister’s post title tonight!! woohoo thanks, mary !

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before I tell you what I found…let me update you on a few things…

today for a snack I tried out a Jocalat bar!  in Hazelnut chocolate

glamour_Jhazelnut_1_largeingredients: organic dates, hazelnuts, almonds, & cocoa powder

nutrition info: 190 cals, 5 g fiber, 4g protein

Verdict: I am not  a HUGEEEE fan of the jocalat line- although it is good!  My first bite of this bar i thought “eh, its just okay” but after I got a chance to really taste it and take another bite- i actually quite liked this one!  definitely not as good as others that I have had- but definitely still good.  impressive nutrition info too!

in other news… yoga was awesome tonight- its been… hmmm 4 days since my last class?  thats a long time for me since we usually go everyday.  I just love yoga so much.  I feel so energetic afterwards!  My sister and I finished up the last of the split pea soup for dinner with pita chips we baked in the oven.  yumm…. then we went foodshopping- I finally got two nut butters that i have been eyeing up for weeks- PB & Cocinnamon raisin swirl and dark chocolate dreams – cannot WAIT to try them out!  ….and look what I found:

CIMG3019pomegranate chobani!!!!! I spotted this in the very back of the fridge at the foodstore- and got WAY too excited about yogurt that my sister told me to quiet down because people would start to stare and think we were very strange haha….cant wait to try this out tomorrow!!

after food shopping my sister and I got Banana Whip! topped with reeses cups of course!!

dscn0460now i am in my bed -getting cozy- watching old friends episodes- again- blogging- maybe reading a bit.  waking up tomorrow morning for my 3 miler and then off to work again!

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bruinsnewlogo VS phi

The winter classic is an annual NHL ice hockey game on New Years day in an outdoor rink.   this year, the bruins are hosting it at FENWAY PARK versus THE FLYERS!!!  in case you didnt know- im a hardcore philadelphia flyers fan.  i am so so excited about this 🙂  My birthday is January 2nd, one day after the game.  birthday present? christmas present?  haha i really want to go but we will see how much tickets are and such.  What is your favorite sports team?

Tonight I went to Vinyssa Yoga class– she concentrated on the core- and oh my goodness- i was sweating up a storm and shaking like a polaroid picture- yes i really just said that. hahaha  anyway- it was great and i loved it so much.  came home and heated some carrot soup I had in the freezer! my sister made this- it is honestly SOOO GOOODDDD! hit the spot 🙂


In other news, my sister and I bought 2 new books today:


she bought time traveler’s wife and i bought best friends forever. we are going to switch when we are finished.  but first i gotta finish certain girls- to be honest i havent read much of it- i gotta get on the ball!!

first run for Marathon training!  3 miles- didnt bring the garmin but i believe it was like 7:40 pace?  another 3 miles is scheduled for tomorrow.

plans for the rest of the night:  may get some banana whip- or as you guys call it- raw banana custard- 3 places by me sell this- favorite combo is banana whip with reeses peanut butter cups.  not sure if we are going or not- we shall see.  have a good night!!!

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Had a Cherry Pie Luna bar right before taking off on my run!  I cant believe I was missing out on that all of this time!  Run went pretty well- average pace per mile was 8:03 and I finished in 40:13.57.  We usually run about 7:47-50 minute miles and my sister wanted to go slow today and take it easy.  Ended up being pretty tough for me though!  Not exactly sure why haha


Dinner tonight was great- as expected (since I know I love that recipe!)  Bobby Flay’s Turkey Kofte with Apple Raita and Spinach pitas are so easy to make and are really really good!  I love the apple raita that goes on top (consists of greek yogurt, granny smith apple, kosher salt, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper (just a pinch though!))!  The turkey mixture smells SO GOOD, too!  If you want something quick, nutritious, and tasty- definitely check this one out!  sorry for the not so great picture!


After dinner my sister, my sister’s boyfriend, and I got Banana Whip- basically its frozen bananas that they stick through a juicer type machine and it comes out looking like ice cream!  But all it is—is banana!  We topped this with Naturally More peanut butter we just found at the store!  I was so excited to try this out- the nutrition facts are impressive and it tasted great!!


I forgot to take a picture of my Banana whip so for now use your imagination- it wont be for long though because Im sure ill be getting this again soon!

Leaving home tomorrow a little before 10 AM with my cousin Michael to see the semi finals and finals of the SRA Nationals!  Should be a very long and exciting day!  I plan on waking up pretty early- around 6:30- maybe do shred and go for a very short bike ride followed by breakfast, a shower, and a two hour drive to the races!   Good night!

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