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This Site has Moved!

Hello everyone!  Just wanted to let you all know that the days of my Mindful Living blog are no more.  I have combined with my sister, Food Fit & Fun, to create a new blog (with its own domain), Sisters Running the Kitchen. We are still working on finishing up some odds and ends with the new blog, so please be patient! I hope you like the new blog and thanks to all who have read Mindful Living!!!


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This weekend was a lot of fun!  On Saturday morning I went to a group bike ride— rode my longest yet!!!!! ~ 50 miles.  My friend Nick (who just got into biking last year and is already a beast!!!!) decided to “take it easy” (well easy for him…definitely not for me haha) and came along with my sister Mary, Todd (mary’s boyfriend), our friend Vance, and I.  We all had so much fun out there….I really love going to the group rides and having Nick out there was a definite plus- although he was going “slow” his pace was still fast for me and it made me push myself a little harder.  I cant wait for next saturday morning!!!

Here is a shot of some of us after the ride (there was about 40 people total there)

Left to Right: me, Vance, Nick, Todd, Mary

As you all know…Saturday afternoon USA played Ghana in the World Cup.  I met my two friends Brad and Nick (and Nick’s girlfriend Chantal!) at a bar in Atlantic City to watch the game.  here is a shot of brad and nick during the game (yes those are american flags they are wearing)

Brad was pretty heart broken after the game…

for some reason I never really got into watching soccer…I played soccer for 14 years of my life but never really got into actually watching it. not really sure why because it is interesting/fun to watch.  I was disappointed that USA lost but not as disappointed (or even close to) as Brad was.  now if it was the Flyers playing on the other hand…I would have most definitely looked like Brad haha.

photo of Chantal and Nick (p.s. it is Nick’s 21st birthday today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!!)

This weekend my sister and I tried a new recipe…Chile Lime Crab Salad with Tomato and Avocado. mary found the recipe in the Food and Wine magazine and has been wanting to make it…here is a photo of the finished product!!! you can visit her blog to see the recipe.  It was really good- light and refreshing.

and to top off the weekend I had the one and only… Banana Whip. A lot of people in the “blogworld” call this Banana soft serve but around my area it has been around for quite some time- and is known as Banana Whip.  Basically it is just frozen banana whipped up.  they stick it through a juicer (photo below) and it comes out looking just like ice cream- it tastes SO GOOD,too.  you would think you were eating ice cream!!!! and to make it extra healthy (haha…NOT) I like to order it with Reeses Cups (plus extra on the side because im a fatty!)

here is the juicer they use to make Banana Whip (you can also make Banana Whip at home by sticking the frozen bananas in the food processor).

I hope you believed my corny title and actually thought I got a tattoo this weekend muhahah…. I actually didnt.  What I was referring too was the bike chain marks on my sister’s leg after the group ride…they say its a sign of a novice rider…I am not sure if that is true or not so do not quote me on that one….

Hope you all had a nice weekend— see ya!

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Hey everyone!  This is going to be a pretty quick update… Today my sister, Mary, our friend Vance and I went on our first group ride at Tuckahoe Bike Shop. Our friend Nick rides there every saturday and sunday and finally got us out there this morning.  He was actually not riding today- he had his first race!!  I actually didnt find out how it went yet but I am sure did great- he really is an awesome rider.  anyway— the group ride was so much fun!! everyone there was so nice, too.  At first I was a little nervous that I wouldnt be able to keep up with everyone but it wasnt a problem at all- the group ride really accommodates all types of riders. cant wait to go back next weekend!

post ride

Then Mary, Danielle (my oldest sister) and I headed to the beach with our friend Nick.  After a little while we walked down the beach (which we thought was going to be a short-ish walk but ended up being really far…woops) to this place called Lisa’s Market…so good!

margarita pizza

salad with pasta, feta, zucchini, mushroom, onion...not sure what else!

nicks's focaccia panini

I got a new digital camera that you can take underwater…it takes really great photos… nick tried to get a photo in the barrel of the wave. failed but it was still a good shot.

Happy Father’s day to all the daddios out there!!! hope you are all having a nice weekend 🙂

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I saw this quote in healthytippingpoint’s blog post last night:

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.” (Anonymous)

I love quotes…I even have a whole page devoted to the quotes that I find/love! haha…anyway I thought this one was particularly interesting.  It strikes home the message of how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin, to be confident in the person that you are, and most importantly- to not let the people around you change the REAL YOU.

A lot of times people doubt themselves…”I am not good enough”, “I am not as pretty as ____”,  “I am not smart enough”, “I will never be able to ____”, the list can goes on and on.  I think sometimes we ALL need to take a step back and realize how awesome we are.  If you love yourself – your whole entire self- and are confident in who you are– that is all the matters.  You will have a presence that not only no one can take away from you- but also a presence that will be noticed by all.  so today, my friends…LOVE YOURSELF!!!  pretty simple, right?  okay…off to yoga class…have a good day!

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hey everyone!  this weekend was a long one.  but it was so much fun!!! beautiful weather, too.  On saturday my mom and two sisters (mary and danielle) came down to baltimore for the day.  We walked around the stores and stopped at Ryleigh’s Oyster Bar in Fed Hill for some lunch (Ashley suggested it!).  It is actually located right next to the bar we go to sometimes on thursdays…never even realized it haha Anyway… the food was great! I got a Spring Veggie Sandwich which was AWESOMEEEE:  It included… Cucumbers,edamame humus, black olives, roasted red peppers, red onions, goat cheese (my favoriteeee), lettuce & tomatoes… the bread was great, too.  I subbed the chips for some Hand Cut Fries….good choice if I do say so myself

My momma got a cheese burger….

We also shared a grilled seafood salad:  grilled hawaiian blue prawns, calamari, jumbo lump crab meat, jalapeno vinaigreet, grillyed cherry tomatoes… but I forgot to snap a picture before we devoured it…woops!  Here is a picture of my sisters and I outside of Ryleigh’s (from left to right…Mary, Danielle and myself)

Next up was some Pitango Gelato in fells point!

There was also a pirates festival going on downtown— it was crazy! I dont think I have ever seen that many pirated located in such a small area in my life haha…

After my mom dropped me off at home I went to the Orioles Game (versus toronto blue jays) with my best friend Lauren, her boyfriend Matt, and Matt’s friend brian.

Matt really enjoyed his pulled pork sandwich…

hahah love it….and after thatttt my roommates/friends and I went out- it was our friend Kyle’s 21st birthday!  It was alot of fun.

anyway— onto the winner of my giveaway!!! FALLON!

Fallon– email me your address and I will have the vitatops sent to you…congrats!

Hope you are all having a great day… GO FLYERS!

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Hey hey!  So I am sure most of you out there know what vitatops are…but if not…let me fill you in:

With no preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind, Deep Chocolate VitaTops provide all the flavor of freshly baked muffins without all of the sugar and fat. Only 100 calories, VitaTops contain 6g of fiber; 3g of protein; 8g of whole grains; and only 1.5g of unsaturated fat per 2 oz serving. And they are addictingly good.  Nothing can start the day off WORSE than a huge, fat-laden muffin with your morning cup of coffee. Cutting the fat and calories while packing in the flavor, Vitalicious Deep Chocolate VitaTops — convenient, healthy and delicious 100-calorie muffin tops — are a healthy way to indulge.

Deep Chocolate is just one of the many flavors vitalicious offers (but I must say it is one of my favorite flavors…especially heated up with some peanut butter on top ;)) Deep Chocolate VitaTops (12-pack) are now available at Costco in the Midwest!They are on sale now but will be gone in 4 to 6 weeks!
Katie (from Crierpr) has generously agreed to offer a giveaway for 12 Deep Chocolate VitaTops to one of you guys!!

To enter…leave a comment telling me…
(a) your favorite dessert
(b) your favorite NHL team…or if you dont dabble much in hockey…tell me your favorite sports team.

I will randomly chose a winner on Sunday…good luck!

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Remember these guys?  I still wear this bracelet everyday of my life…as I am sure many of you out there still do.  I always wonder if I will ever take it off for good. hmmm..interesting food for thought? haha  but anyway…..I love how such a simple statement…”livestrong” can have so many different meanings for so many different people.  Each of us has our own “story“…a reason for being the person we are… a reason for living the type of life we chose to live.

The reason I wear my Livestrong everyday is multi-fold.  “Livestrong” reminds me to live everyday to its fullest…it reminds me to be the best person that I can possibly be….to take risks…take chances…push myself to the edge, do things I never thought possible, live in the present, be kind to everyone,etc.

But…as of recently…my livestrong bracelet has developed an even deeper meaning to me.  It is a representation of my grandmom, who passed away this fall. I will never ever forget the last day I saw my grandmom.  I came home for my fall break and my mom took me to the hospice to see her.  My mom told me that my grandmom was not doing well and not to be surprised when I saw her.  But no matter how much I prepared myself- I was not ready to see what I was faced with when I walked into her room.  There was my grandmom in bed, unable to even open her eyes.  I remember feeling as though my heart sank straight to the floor when I first saw her.  I sat there, with a lump in my throat, holding in all of my emotions, acting like everything was okay.  I joked with my mom, laughed, smiled etc.  But every time my mom looked away from me I brushed tears away from my eyes.

My mom whispered into my grandmom’s ears…telling her that she loved her and that I was there to see her .  She wet my grandmom’s lips and kept her comfortable.  my grandmom could hear us, she knew we were there…she heard every word we said…she just couldnt respond.  my mom then turned to me and asked if I wanted to say something to my grandmom’s ear….  and for the first time (ever?)  I became completely vulnerable and let my true feelings show…I let out all of the tears I had been holding back for months and started to sob in my mom’s arms.  I wasnt able to whisper anything into my grandmom’s ears.  Sometimes I look back at that day and regret that I couldnt pull myself together enough to tell her how much I loved her.  But I know she heard me in that room…she heard me tell my mom how much I loved her.

I hated seeing my grandmom like that. That wasnt my grandmom.  My grandmom was hands down the strongest person I knew.  and there she was in bed unable to even open her eyes to look at her own granddaughter.  When I went home later that night I thought about what had happened that day.  My grandmom fought cancer not once, but twice.  When my mother was younger, my grandmom had cancer and was told she had almost no chance of living.  but my grandmom beat the cancer. she went on to live a long, healthy, and active life.  She was the policeman (or woman), the one teaching water aerobics to all the old ladies at the pool, dancing around at our family parties,  organizing cruises, trips to europe, trips to nyc…you name it.  Heck, she was more active than me! haha.  When she got cancer for the second time when she was older (bladder cancer) she was able to fight it for 5 whole years.  She maintained her peppy, active self right until the very end.   She never once had a bad attitude…she truly lived her life to the fullest each and every day.  that is a fact.

I miss her so so much.  This summer will not be the same without her.  My sister and I always had dinner with her down the shore…whether we went out, cooked at our house, or cooked at her house.  I looked forward to those nights with my grandmom all of the time….and this summer all of that will be gone.  I still cry from time to time when I think about how much I miss her….but it no longer tears of sadnesss…it’s more like tears of happiness/remembrance; I realize how much of an impact that she has made upon me.  I will forever carry her active spirit/spunk/positive attiude with me whereever I go.  and most importantly…I know she is looking down upon me…keeping me safe and directing me down the right path. I am grateful to have had my grandmom in my life.

Well there you have it…my story of why I wear my livestrong.

What is your story?


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