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hey everyone! sorry its been a little while since I last updated!  so to catch up a bit, ill do a little recap on a few things that have gone on since I last updated….

The Flyers came up short in the Stanley Cup Finals… Hawks won it in game 6.  It was a disappointment, to say the least.  A few weeks ago I had a dream that the Flyers won the stanley cup and I was running down Broad Street with a bunch of people going absolutely crazy….it was awesome.  I guess ill have to wait  for a while to have my dream finally come true… 😦

Last Sunday my family and I went Flounder Fishing on our boat (our boat is named Danimartina– after my sisters and I…Mary, Danielle, and Christina).  I would like the whole world (or blogworld at least) to know that I, Christina, caught the most flounder! This is a BIG deal to me because I am usually the WORST fisherman in my family. WOOHOO!!!

but anyway… we were drifting around for awhile and decided to reel up and head home for the day…only problem was that we were stuck!!!! The water suddenly got REALLY shallow we were stuck on the ground.  on top of that…the tide was QUICKLY moving out and if we didnt do something right then and there we would be stuck there for 6 hours waiting for the tide to come back in.  So my dad told us to jump out of the boat.…hm okay then. so we all jumped out and pushed together (I wish someone would have seen this and took a photo of my whole family out of my boat, in the water, pushing the boat together..hahah).  some guy on a waverunner came over and told us where to direct the boat so we could get to deep water. after pushing for quite some time we were FINALLY free!!!!  It was pretty funny.

uncle art with a Keeper (18 inches or more is a keeper)

Monday night my sister made some broiled flounder….yum yum yum.  Fish always tastes better when you know it was caught by you/your family, doesnt it?  My mom made fried flounder too but I forgot to take a photo.

My sister also made this Cold Pasta salad with fresh jersey tomatoes, goat cheese and basil (plus some other stuff)…she got the recipe from her boyfriend (todd)’s father. I am sure she will post the recipe to her blog soon…it was SO GOOD!

Yesterday was my last day of summer classes!!! I took Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II.…. I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is over!!!  all I did everyday was go to school from 8-4:30, come home and study for my two exams the next day, go to bed, and do it ALL over again…it was starting to get old by the end and I was starting to go crazy!!!!  it was very tough to stay motivated to study in the summer…but I did it and ended up with two A’s…holla!

after I was finished with my last two exams yesterday, my sister and I ran the schuylkill river together. we did 8 miles together and in the last bit of the run we did 20 second sprints. it was a great workout. I havent done a longish run in awhile so it felt good to get some miles in!

part of the schuylkill river--- art museum is in the background---the one with the stairs that Rocky ran up fyi

After the run, we went out to dinner at a place in Philly called Mercato.

We shared the Market Salad: strawberries & bibb lettuce, caramelized red onion, goat cheese, hazelnuts, butter croutons, white balsamic vinaigrette…. it was pretty good….ive had better (movie: Liar Liar haha)… I’ll give it a 7/10 …

we each got the same thing for dinner…Pappardelle with roasted mushrooms, caramelized cipollini, crispy parsnip & arugula, sage brown butter….. this was absolutely AMAZING. we both licked our plates clean. this was full of flavor. loved it.  9/10. I really liked Mercato…the atmosphere inside was so nice!  It was small inside but decorated really nice…very welcoming haha.  and they had the windows open…felt so nice!

We decided to skip dessert and head to our favorite gelato place in philly…Capogiro!

the people that work here are so nice! they encourage you to taste as many flavors as you want…so taste we did!!! I felt bad to keep asking for samples but they didnt mind at all!  They even had Avocado as a flavor! at first I thought it sounded gross for a gelato flavor but the guy said it was pretty good- so I tasted it and it actually was pretty good! very creamy.

I got Fiore di Late (which is like a sweet creme), cappuccino, and chocolate banana. Mary got the same thing but instead of the chocolate banana she got this vanilla banana rum flavor.

Mary with her gelato!

not too much going on today…just have to pick up my car from the dealership (getting service done) and teach spinning at night! have a good day!!!


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Teavolve cafe

This afternoon I finally made it to teavolve cafe!!!  Teavolve is a cafe in downtown baltimore (fells point)- that Ashley always raves about.   It has has been on my “to-try” list for quite some time now and so my best friend, Lauren, and I decided to go there for a late lunch today!  It was so cute inside… Lauren described it as “swanky” hahah love her

We started off with some drinks- I got loose leaf Jasmine Green tea in an awesome green pot and Lauren got pomegranate cold tea latte.  both were awesome!

For lunch Lauren ordered the Apple cinnamon stuffed french toast (Topped With House Made Chantilly Cream, Shaved Semi Sweet Chocolate).

lauren posing with her french toast hahah

I got the grilled veggie panini (grilled eggplant, portabella and zucchini, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, tomato/garlic pesto)

We both LOVED what our meals…I will definitely be going back here again!  Everything on the menu just sounded SO GOOD!  Thanks for the suggestion, Ashley!

well…time to start up some homework…Ive been a lazy bum for too long now and it must come to an end!!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!   😉

p.s. just an FYI- my sister and I have decided to combine our blogs and create a whole new one together (with its own domain name).  We probably will not do it until the summer (once things with school settle down a bit)…but I am very excited!! now we just have to think of a name for it….

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friday at last!!!  I woke up early today to get some more calc studying in before class. made a green monster:

1/2 C vanilla unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 c milk, frozen banana, couple ice cubes, big scoop of PB, spinach

1/2 C vanilla unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 c milk, frozen banana, couple ice cubes, big scoop of PB, spinach

I had this with a vitatop— Fudgy Peanut Butter Chip– first time having this and I had HUGE expectations but honestly I was pretty let down.  The peanut butter had a fake taste to it.  I would much rather slab some pb on a deep chocolate dreams vitatop, blue bran, etc.  I mean it wasn’t HORRIBLE, it just did not rock my socks off.


Today I had my Calculus midterm- went well!!  I think I messed up only one problem- but oh well.  no biggie.  Today’s friday lunch date destination with miss rosina and meaghan…..Red Star Bar and Grill (recommended by the one and only…Ashley!)  Meaghan cracks me up…Im sitting in physics class this morning at 10 am and I get a text message “AH I CANT WAIT FOR LUNCH! IM STARVING ALREADYYYYY”. hahah 10 o’clock and this girl already has lunch on the brain…this is why we get along so well haha

CIMG4181I ordered the Veggie Burger with shredded lettuce, avocado, and tomato. with their famous hand-cut yam fries with With brown sugar Aioli seasoning.  YUMMMM

CIMG4184Meaghan and Rosina both really liked it here too.  They ordered BLTs with the handcut Garlic herb fries with malt vinegar mayo.  they loved the fries and said the BLT was one of the best they have ever had.  I guess this was a successful lunch at Red Star, eh?  would definitely go back again!  Thanks for the suggestion, Ashley!  Lunch date with meg and rosina was fun as usual.  never a dull moment with those two.


After our lunch date I stopped at a market by my school that I have been wanting to go inside for quite some time now..the Belvedere Market.


What is this Belvedere market you ask?  well let me tell you my friends.  Its basically a market with a bunch of different “tenants” selling fresh, organic meats, seafood, produce, baked goods, fresh breads, nuts, cheeses, soups, candy, sandwiches, ice cream, pastas, prepared meals, farm fresh milk and yogurt…you name it!  I walked around for awhile and settled on some Vegetarian Fennel, Eggplant & tomato soup (with chickpeas and some other bean that I forget haha). They gave me a nice chunk of freshly baked bread to go with it.  I decided to hold onto the soup/bread for dinner 😉

I then ventured over to the candy section….

I got some milk chocolate nonpareils, milk and dark chocolate mini pretzels, a almond butter nut thingy (its in the picture…really good by the way!), swedish fish, and sour patch kids (the gummy candies were in a seperate bag that is why you cannot see them!)  I inhaled all of this by the time I got home. haha I love candy way too much.


Rosina’s stomach has been hurting all day and so she decided to opt out of Body Flow tonight.  But I decided to go anways (my friend Daniela said she would be there so I knew I would have someone to “flow” with at least! haha). and my roommate/best friend becky came along.  She doesnt like yogaish type things so she decided to just run around the indoor track.  I am glad she accompanied me to my trip to the gym though…she is honestly the best….love her so so much!  oh and reason number 2 to go to body flow besides the fact that I love it is that fact that I left my ipod shuffle at the gym last night!  I remembered literally in the middle of the night last night and as soon as I woke up I called over to the gym and they said it was in the lost and found— thank goodnesssss for the good hearted people out there in this world…I thought for sure it would be a goner and I would be stuck running 16 miles tomorrow morning listening to my own breathe for 2 hours haha

A little while after I came home I heated up some of that soup I got at the belvedere market….

Vegetarian Fennel, Eggplant & tomato soup


forgot to take a picture of the bread! wooppsss…it was really good though and absolutely huge. loved it. okay… going to pack my running bag for tomorrow, watch the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS first game of the season (WOOT WOOT), and chillaxxxxx…..tomorrow is 16 miles and at night my aunt and uncle are coming down to baltimore to take me out to dinner and then on sunday I am going to the naval academy to meet up with some friends!!  busy weekend full of good foods 😉

see ya!


p.s. do not forget….you have until Sunday to get your comments in for a chance to win my first ever giveaway!

p.p.s. if you do not believe me about the pumpkin shortage….go over to Gigi’s blog- she did a post all about it!!

p.p.p.s. (am i allowed to do this? haha) Mary awarded me with the Kreativ Blogger award!

For this award, I will name 7 things that you don’t know about me and award 7 other bloggers (for them to do the same!)…

  1. I am a Philadelphia Flyers fan! (first game of the season was tonight ;))
  2. I am training for my first marathon- Philadelphia Marathon (November 22, 2009)
  3. I am a huge huge family person- love them so much and have so much fun doing things with them.  I would completely lost without all of them
  4. I love coffee ice cream and ice cream in general actually!
  5. I am a biology major with plans to attend Physician’s Assistant school after college!
  6. I am a fun/laid back person (in general) but I also love being by myself a lot.
  7. I love animals 😉 – particularly dogs, monkeys, and manatees- yes. manatees.

I pass this award along to…

  1. mamasweeds!
  2. be.fit.be.full
  3. runbikeswimgirl
  4. daily goods
  5. strawberries in paris!
  6. Eating for England!
  7. the healthy everythingtarian!

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I FINALLY made it to the movies today!  My sister and I saw an afternoon showing of 500 Days of summer…. I heard mixed reviews on this movie- one person said they hated it and another said they loved it…so i really did not no what to expect.  My overall opinion was that it was good!  I wouldnt say it was AMAZING but I really really enjoyed it.  In the opening scenes of the movie the narrator talks about the background of one of the main characters, Tom, and said that he was from my hometown! how strange!  If you havent heard of this movie…here is the synopsis from moviefone.com:

“This is a story of boy meets girl, begins the wry, probing narrator of ‘500 Days of Summer,’ and with that the film takes off at breakneck speed into a funny, true-to-life and unique dissection of the unruly and unpredictable year-and-a-half of one young man’s no-holds-barred love affair.

Tom, the boy, still believes, even in this cynical modern world, in the notion of a transforming, cosmically destined, lightning-strikes-once kind of love. Summer, the girl, doesn’t. Not at all. But that doesn’t stop Tom from going after her, again and again, like a modern Don Quixote, with all his might and courage. Suddenly, Tom is in love not just with a lovely, witty, intelligent woman – not that he minds any of that – but with the very idea of Summer, the very idea of a love that still has the power to shock the heart and stop the world.”

Before going to the movie we stopped at Wegmans and stocked up on a little bit of bulk candy 🙂

0807091428Good and plenty, Sun Drops, Reeses pieces, & mini sweedish fish

I am so happy I finally made it to the movies!  I still want to see many more movies including:

  • Orphan
  • Julie and Julia
  • Funny People
  • Whatever Works

i think that is it.  anyone see any of these??

After the movie my sister and I went into philly and went to her boyfriend’s house.  by the time we finally chose a place to grab some dinner I was STARVING- so hungry to the point that it doesnt even feel like you are hungry anymore and it just feels like you are actually just ill.  it was horrible…i literally almost cried haha. perhaps i felt this way because all i had to eat was the yogurt concoction in the morning and then a little bit of candy around 2.  it was about 8 before we got food again.  makes sense why i was so hungry now haha…We ended up going to Slice PA and let me tell you this pizza is GOOD. like one of the best ive ever had in my life good.  we got two pies… one with broccoli and spinach and one with san marzano tomato sauce with sliced provolone (not pictured)- they even have part skim mozzarella cheese and whole wheat crust and vegan cheese (Emily– you have to try this place out!)

Afterwards, we headed over to my favorite frozen yogurt spot (different from last night) called Sprinkles



Isnt tonight- minus the movies of course- a deja vu of yesterday?  yes. haha oh well- i love pizza. i love frozen yogurt. so why not eat it two days in a row??  Well now I am back down the shore. Tomorrow morning my mom and I are going to grab breakfast and then Ill probably play it low key and just relax and what not during the day before heading off for the ten mile race in sea isle!

Good night!


p.s. my oldest sister, Danielle, showed me this song last night and now im obsessed- daylight by Matt and Kim

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This place may just be my new favorite restaurant! I loved it so so much!  Everything was very fresh tasting and the portion sizes were not HUGE- they were just right.  By the end of dinner I wasnt overly stuffed- I was JUST perfect- something that usually never happens when you dine out haha.

For starters we chose 2 flat breads- Ripe Plum Tomato Flatbread with fresh basil, roasted garlic essence and melted Parmesan cheese and Garlic Chicken Flatbread with balsamic red onions, roasted red peppers and Mozzarella cheese.  They were both GREAT!  so light and thin and crunchy! 


We also ordered Grilled Sesame Chicken Skewers : teriyaki glaze, roasted Hawaiian pineapple and tropical fruit salsa- this was really tasty too but I only had a small bite!  

For dinner I ordered Cedar Plank Atlantic Salmon with whole-roasted sweet carrots, fresh asparagus and red bliss potatoes– my sister (the birthday girl) got the same as me…here is a picture she took of it:


LOVED this dish.  the taste of the wood and the salmon was awesome and the carrots were great as well as the potatoes- everything was just so fresh and amazing.  i love those little mini carrots! need to find them somewhere!  

For dessert- they bring out a bunch of these mini-tastes- ranging from key lime pie, carrot cake, peacan pie with vanilla mousee, market fresh fruit, mocha macchiato, rocky road, fruit cheesecake, and carmel banana pie.  I chose the fresh fruit!  I loved how these were so cute and little!  got a nice taste without shoving your face with the dessert


and of course a nice cup of green tea! YUM!  



good night ❤

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WOO!  Busy Day!  My sister and I ran the river like I said earlier- I ran it in 27 minutes– thats about 7:17 miles.  I was doing great for the majority of it until about the last mile or so– I got the worst cramp EVER!!  okay… I am clearly being dramatic here but it hurt pretty bad- i think my stomach was a bit too full!  Okay so before we left for the run- UPS guy rang the door bell and brought me a wonderful present– Chobani yogurt samples!!  Thanks for sending them to me, Chobani!  Greatly appreciated 🙂


inside the box there was 3 strawberry, 1 plain, 1 vanilla, 2 peach, and 2 blueberry!  So far I have only tried Vanilla and plain.  And so far the vanilla and plain are honestly the BEST I have ever tasted.  The vanilla just tastes so REAL!  and the plain is so nice and creamy, AH!  I love it, love it, love it!  I am really excited to taste the others and will be sure to report back on the review!

So after the run my sister and I hit up the mall-The first place I stopped was Starbucks- got myself a grande berry blossom Tazo tea with my gift certificate (if you havent tried this tea run to your nearest starbucks, NOW!).  we went into the Limited, Women’s Foot Locker, Gap, and American Eagle.  I got a couple of t-shirts.  Then we went to Animo Juice where I ordered Veggie Chilli!  Hit the spot!  and my usual chilly palmer smoothie ((Acai Berry, Apple, Banana, Yogurt, and Flax Seed)).  

Then we went to Fleet Feet, and this time it was open!  The kid there was really knowledgeable about everything- had me walk, checked out how I stood in place, and gave me a few shoes to chose from.  I ran outside with them, too!  I was between Saucony, New Balance, and Asics GT -2140s.  For some reason I am really against NewBalance- they never feel right on me!  So I went with Asics (because i currently have sauconys and I wanted to shake things up a bit!) CHECK EM OUT!





The picture of the tongue of the shoe is to show the cool flowery design!  I never saw asics like that before! pretty cool!  And I also purchased a nice pink Nike Tank, really airy and lightweight- perfecto for running in the summer!  And got some nice asics socks- they say Left and right on them– I always wonder if that really matters…hmmm?  maybe ill switch it up one day and see what happens! haha

Then we went to get my sister’s watch that she got for graduation resized and then to Whole Foods!  They had free samples of green grapes and strawberries there! YUMMM – we walked around for a bit and I got some Sundrops and an apple for an afternoon snack. Also got awesome homemade bread to accompany dinner tonight! and I purchased these sweets below:


the top bar is a Jocalat (in chocolate coffee) made by Larabar!  I am so so siked to try this one out- maybe tomorrow???  and the other two are chocolate bars (one is milk one is dark) by Green & Black’s Organic.  Cant wait to try these puppies out either!  Okay so our next stop was Barnes and Nobles!  I wanted to get a summer read- and had a gift card.  I got Just Friends by Robyn Sisman (Author of shopaholic)– havent read a book in awhile so I am excited to check this one out!


So then we were going to go to bikram yoga…CHANGE OF PLANS….I dont think this place exists!!  We could not find it anywhere and they would not answer the phone- BUMMER!!!  but hey- saved some moola- went home and tried out the Winsor Pilates DVD! and it was great!!! i really liked it– My sister and I were saying- “if we do this everyday- our abs are gonna be rock solid!” haha- i really wannt try to do Shred, Yoga, or Pilates everyday– think I can?  I am gonna try.  


Dinner is soon- Momma made some baked chicken meatballs with whole wheat pasta and broccoli and of course my awesome whole foods bread for dipping!  YUM YUM YUM!!!!!

Do I have enough pictures in this post?

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This morning my plan was to have oatmeal mixed with Kashi Pilaf but I got too tired last night to make the pilaf (I like making it the night before because it takes about thirty minutes to cook) so instead I added Oat Bran into my oatmeal concoction- which only takes about 60 seconds to cook!


In the Oatmeal Concoction: 1/4 C OatBran, 1/2 Oatmeal, 1 C water, splash of skim milk, fresh Jersey strawberries, banana, frozen raspberries, honey, and cinnamon!

Today My sister and I are running around the river (~3.7 mi) we used to row on in high school- always brings back good memories 🙂 Then we are stopping at a few stores in the mall and eating at our favorite place- Animo Juice Cafe  for lunch…then heading over to Fleet Feet to get my new running shoes and pit stopping at a few stores over there, too- one is New Balance!  Then going to a Bikram Yoga class 🙂 SO EXCITED!  Ive done this before but only once i think and it has been a long time!  Not sure what is gonna be cooked up for dinner yet!

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