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Good evening my fellow readers! haha… anywayss…monday was another beautiful fall day here in baltimore. ¬†Rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow though ūüė¶

On Monday I woke up and dug into yet another bowl of my new obsession- overnight pumpkin oats:


After I went to all of my classes, I went over to the evergreen to do some studying. I usually go here every monday but I havent been in awhile (due to exploring other places in baltimore to study at and my grandmom’s funeral last week)! ¬†It felt nice to be back…I love it there.


I got some a medium cup of plain froyo with crushed oreos on top and one of my favorite brands of tea– Revolution (green tea). ¬†Today is rest day and I am taking full advantage. ¬†After running 14 miles, teaching spinning, studying, and getting no sleep…I am tired! the fro yo hit the spottt. ¬†I studied for my Physics Exam and Microbiology Lab quiz and headed back home.

I took a black bean burger (that I made a while back) out of the freezer and decided to heat that up for dinner…with some roasted veggies

Now onto today!! I went to my classes- same old same old and then…since it was raining outside…I ran my 5 miles on the treadmill – I actually felt AWESOME during this run. for the last couple of miles I increased the speed to a pretty quick pace- first time I have felt strong while running in a couple weeks….still a little sick though! ¬†After the run I went to yoga class. and then after yoga I noticed I had bumps all over my body and everything was itchy! ¬†So I went to CVS to get some benadryl and on the way home I stopped at Ryan’s Daughter to get take out- since I didnt have time to make something at home and since I have been cravvvving the iliadblackened grade ahi tuna atop mixed greens with an herb and feta vinaigrette. garnished with bell pepper, olives, onion, cucumbers, pepperoncinis, and feta ;)


sorry for the so-so picture…I was in a hurry to eat this! ¬†Okay I really must go now!!! got tons and tons of work and it’s not gonna get done by itself- but wouldnt that be cool if it could? haha goodnight!



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Hello everyone! ¬†Today is such a beautiful day outside, is it not? This morning I woke up feeling better than I have been feeling- still not 100%- but well enough to crank out my 14 miles. ¬†I decided not to go to the NCR trail and just to run around the streets surrounding my school- I actually ended up picking a very awesome (yet very hilly) route! ¬†I would absolutely do it again ūüėČ ¬†My avg pace only ended up being 8:54/mi and even though I am clearly not thrilled with that pace in the least bit I was not worried about how fast I was running throughout the run at all. I knew I was feeling sick and so I decided to just take my time and enjoy the run as best as I could. ¬†And I honestly did enjoy the run- it was too beautiful outside not to! ¬†Next saturday (halloween) will be my longest run yet- 20 miles! ¬†So on Friday I will go home to philly (get dinner with my sisters and parents or something) and run with my sister on saturday….. and then I will come back to baltimore to celebrate halloween with my friends!!! (we are being nerds ;)) The marathon is quickly approaching and I am getting sooo excited…and nervous too! ¬†After next weekend’s 20 miles- it is time to taper down! ¬†woot woot

I came home and had my very first bowl of overnight pumpkin oats– and let me tell you- this was AWESOME! ¬†I added lots of spices in the morning which really brought out the pumpkiny flavor of it. ¬†It was so creamy and pretty much hit the spottttt. ¬†If you have not tried this- please do so ASAP. ¬†that did not quite fill me up after the run- so I had a piece of cinnamon raisin ezekiel bread with pb and ab on top. ¬†plus some grapes ūüėČ ¬†hey- I am a hungry girl haha

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 C pumpkin, 1/4 C plain fat free yogurt, 4 dates (chopped), with banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, a few chopped walnuts added in the morning

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 C pumpkin, 1/4 C plain fat free yogurt, 4 dates (chopped), with banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, a few chopped walnuts added in the morning

and then…. my friends and I went pumpkin and apple picking!! so much fun! ¬†after we were done picking we went back up to where the bakery and farm market was. ¬†There was tons of venders around- for food, face painting, etc. ¬†I got kettle corn- yummyy. ¬†on the way home- we stopped at Panera for dinner- always a good decision in my book- i got black bean soup and a mediterranean veggie sandwhichhhh. Here are some pictures of the day:





the roommates ūüėČ :




and then there is joe with his farm animals


I had to teach my spinning class tonight- I chose the playlist Lovers in Japan

songs # 1,2, 15, & 16 are for warm-up and cool-down

songs # 1,2, 15, & 16 are for warm-up and cool-down

Okay—time for physics, microbiology, and Calc homework- let the week begin. ¬†Hope you all had a nice day!!


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rainy day!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for being a little MIA recently!  Lets do a little recap shall we?


made my first pumpkin smoothie– suggested by Taylor


pumpkin, unsweetened almond milk, ice, honey, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, nutmeg

I liked this ….but… as I told Taylor…. I thought that it was not sweet enough. ¬†She suggested to add more pumpkin or add a bit of maple syrup (like she does) to give it more sweetness. ¬†I was also thinking of adding a little bit of frozen banana? hm. ¬†anyway- I think I will try making this again soon- but I will tweek the “recipe” to give it more a pumpkin/sweet flavor.

workout: I ran a slow and enjoyable 5 miles outside and then went to yoga class at my gym.  It was challenging but just what I needed- like usual.

For dinner I heated up Mama’s Weeds’ Lentil Chili …with seduction bread of course

CIMG4456sorry the picture is not very attractive- I swear this chili is awesome haha


My sister has been sick lately and on thursday night I really started to feel sick! ah! so I went to bed early with hopes that I would feel better in the morning…..no such luck. ¬†I woke up coughing and sneezing- boo. ¬†I went to my classes and then out to lunch (Panera) with Meaghan and Rosina and had every intention on doing my long run of 14 miles…but with the way I was feeling, I thought hey maybe Ill just do 5 miles and save 14 for sunday. ¬†Well I decided not to even do the 5 miles- I could not breathe out of my nose and I was so so tired! ¬†So instead…I took a nap, went food shopping and got hot chocolate with my roommates ūüėČ

since I have not been out in forever with my friends, I thought I would suck it up and go out on friday night.  I ended up having a really fun time- It was karaoke night at the bar РMckay, my friend Rob, and I sang LFO- summer girls woot woot!


Woke up early feeling sick…once again. ¬†yay. ¬†I was starving and thought I should wake up and at least eat something and take some medicine and whatnot…. so I made a bowl of hot pumpkin oats ūüėČ


oats, raisins banana, pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cinnamon raisin PB

After breakfast I decided that it would be best to go back to bed for awhile- sleep is the best medicine— so they say anyway! haha ¬†I slept until 10:40! WOOHOO….this is a milestone for me. ¬†I woke up feeling fantastic. okay, not fantastic…but ALOT better than before.

I made my class schedule for next semester (we have to sign up on wednesday): I decided to take Cell biology (NO LAB! WOOHOO), bioethics (to fulfill my ethics core requirement), Revolutionary America (to fulfill my upper level history core), Intro to computers with software applications (a requirement for physician assistant school), physics II (plus lab). Anyway- it looks like my second semester schedule will be much easier for me…and I definitely need it. ¬†The actual course load is better (easier- or so it seems-classes and not as many labs (1 compared to 3 and a calc lab presently) and I made my classes start a little later than I have ever started before. ¬†I’m liking the schedule I made ūüėČ

I have to take Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (plus lab) in the summer at a unversity near my home and an online medical terminology course (both for Physician Assistant school requirements)- my school does not offer these courses! ¬†But I figured it all out and all I have left to take is Genetics, my upper level Theology, and my upper level Literature and I will everything completed to graduate! ¬†how awesome? ¬†Senior year should be very nice ūüėČ

After I made my schedule…. I studied calculus, took out the trash and cleaned the bathroom (it is my week!), and then headed to the gym. I am planning on doing my long run (14 miles) tomorrow and I have to teach my spinning class at night (do not worry…Ill take it very easy)… so I decided to do a nice and enjoyable run of 4 miles (or as enjoyable as running can be when you are sick)¬†plus some pushups and corework.

For dinner, Mckay (my roommate!) and I went to One World Cafe!!


I ordered the veggie burger of the day with a side of broccoli– but they forgot to sub the chips for the broccoli so I got both instead!

homemade veggie burger with side of broccoli (no picture)

homemade veggie burger with side of broccoli (no picture)

and Mckay and I shared a plate of baked old bay fries ūüėČ


Mckay got a black bean burrito- which looked awesome. ¬†We had a fun time there together!!!! ¬†I came home and opened up one of the goodies that Newman’s Own Organics gave to me: Dark chocolate PB cups


and now I am veryyy full and ready to hit the books.  want to hear about my week from hell for this coming week?

Monday- Physics problems due and Calc Quiz

Tuesday- Microbiology Lab Quiz

Wednesday- Biology of Mammals lab practical

Thursday- Physics lab quiz

Friday- Physics Exam and Calc Exam

Lets just say I will be a very happy camper once Friday is over! ¬† I really better go now- I have a lot of work to get done tonight- I have my 14 miler in the morning and then my roomates and a few of our guy friends are going apple and pumpkin picking tomorrow afternoon! ūüėČ hope you guys are having a good weekend!


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Well I am back in baltimore and back to swing of things. ¬†I got back on campus last night around 10:40 pm and I unpacked, talked with my roommates, and went to bed. ¬†While I was unpacking, I saw a card that my roommate Becky had left on my desk. ¬†She wrote a really really nice letter inside the card about my grandmom, etc. ¬†What she said was honestly perfect and of course I started to cry right there… by myself…in the dark (because my roommate was sleeping). ¬†I felt silly to go into becky’s room crying to say thanks so I waited until the next day haha…. it truly made my night though (the tears were happy tears not sad!)- its nice to know that I have such an awesome friend like becky by my side.

anyways… I skipped my first class today and I decided to go to the later option (at noon). ¬†I just needed to sleep in for once. ¬†Anyway, it felt very nice to wake up a little later. ¬†and even nicer to make a hot bowl of pumpkin oats ūüėČ


1/2 C oats, 1/2 C H20, 1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 C pumpkin, raisins (soaked), banana (soaked), cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, scoop of cinnamon raisin PB, chopped walnuts to top

I went to my classes- made up my biology lab- and set out on my 9 mile run. It was BEAUTIFUL outside. ¬†perfect running weather. ¬†I enjoyed every moment of it. ¬†I averaged about 8:27/mi. ¬†However, in the last mile I had to walk/run because I had really bad pain in my left knee. ¬†I noticed the pain when I was walking up and down stairs after my 19 miler on saturday. ¬†Maybe the pain is due to inflammation and not stretching enough? ¬†I have no idea…but I will take some anti-inflammatory and stretch. ¬†hopefully it will help!

For dinner…since my broccoli was going to go bad soon and I had some homemade pasta sauce in the fridge…I made my favorite concoction!

whole wheat penne, homemade red sauce, broccoli, turkey meatball, grated parm, seduction bread ;)

whole wheat penne, homemade red sauce, broccoli, turkey meatball, grated parm, seduction bread ūüėČ

yumm…perfect post run fuel. ¬†I love these turkey meatballs! okay time to get to work! lots of catching up to do!


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First, let me start out by saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all of your kind words regarding my Grandmom’s passing. ¬†It has definitely been a tough few days but I know things will get better with time. ¬†She is much better off up in heaven looking down upon us all rather than suffering in the hospital. ¬†She had an absolutely amazing life. ¬† She made a huge impact upon my life- and will continue to do so for as long as I live. ¬† There has been lots of tears throughout these few days and I am sure there will many more tears to come but I am really trying to look at the good times and to celebrate the wonderful memories that my family and I had with her.

Tomorrow is the viewing/funeral/luncheon. ¬†So today, as you could probably imagine, was a very hectic day. ¬†I woke up early and got right to work on the pamphlet for the funeral tomorrow. ¬†When I was finally finished with it, I took it over to our local copying center to get it edited and to have copies made…. here is the finished product!

My grandmom (the baby) and her mother in France by the arc de triomphe

My grandmom (the baby) and her mother in France by the arc de triomphe



the quote on the last page says:

I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one.
I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done.
I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways,
of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days.
I’d like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun.
Of happy memories that I leave when life is done.

I also helped my dad with printing up these foam poster boards with pictures of her life.  there are 7 boards in all but this is just a little sample for ya:



Boston Recap:

Well we were on the fence as to whether to still go to boston (for my oldest sister’s crew regatta- she is the coach) or not, but my sister and I finally decided to go. ¬†Friday morning I made a classic bowl of hot oats:

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C H20, 1/2 C skim milk, raisins, chopped apple, cinnamon, honey

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C H20, 1/2 C skim milk, raisins, chopped apple, cinnamon, honey

and then we took the train from Philly to boston on Friday afternoon and got to boston late Friday night. ¬†Saturday morning, although the weather predicted rain, we woke up to a sunny, clear sky…not a drop of rain in the sky. ¬†I was still semi-sick and my sister was getting sick but we decided to suck it up and run our longest run yet- 19 miles! Now- let me remind you- the only workout I did ALL WEEK before this run was 2 yoga sessions (not hard ones either) and a 2 mile run. ¬†Needless to say, I was nervous! ¬†Yeah I was coughing a bit here and there but I made it! ¬†It wasnt the fastest splits ever and I sorta died in the last mile…but I RAN 19 MILES…BOO YAA!!! ¬†and you wanna know something even better? ¬†Luna Bar, Cascadian Farms, and Nantucket Nectars were all at the Head of the Charles…. andddd they were giving out free samples! ¬†So half way through the run we took a pit stop and downed a sample of nantucket nectars, took a plastic bag and filled it with FREE mini lara bars and cascadian farms samples (and yes we ran 6 miles home carrying it all!).


After the run, we showered and went out to breakfast (aka a late lunch- it was 3 pm by the time we were eating!) to a place in Kendall Square called The Friendly Toast.

3640643506_d16607982fVERY cool inside. ¬†strange, yet awesome. ¬†and lets just say… we did not hold back AT ALL. ¬†I ordered an egg white omelet with Broccoli, spinach, tomato, and scallions with 2 HUGE and THICK sliced of their homemade cinnamon raisin toast with home fries, hot chocolate, and tea. ¬†We also shared a fruit salad.




yes…its true. ¬†We ate every last drop of food on our plates. ¬†Thank goodness I was wearing some spandex yogaish pants so I had room to expand hahah. ¬†it was glorious. ¬†We shopped around after that and went back to the hotel and took a nap!

We decided to head to Harvard Square at night an ended up meeting up my two best friends (who go to school in boston)- Katie and Lindsey. Lindsey gave me yellow roses and a nice sympathy card (even with a seashore theme (my family is from the shore))- really made me happy ūüėČ

We walked around and finally found a place to get something to eat! ¬†Cambridge 1 …. and you know what? it ended up being AWESOME. ¬†They have GREAT flat breads. ¬†I just stuck with a traditional flatbread…


And for dessert we walked over to the famous¬†J.P. Licks (they have homemade ice cream and non-fat frozen yogurt)….


homemade hand dipped (hard) cofffee-oreo frozen yogurt (its on the bottom and you cant see it...sorry!) with homemade peanut butter soft serve frozen yogurt on top!

homemade hand dipped (hard) cofffee-oreo frozen yogurt (its on the bottom and you cant see it...sorry!) with homemade peanut butter soft serve frozen yogurt on top!

mary (my sister) enjoying her frozen yogurt!

mary (my sister) enjoying her frozen yogurt!

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.  My sister and I could not stop talking about how awesome this.  Praise the lord she qualified for the boston marathon- Рwe are definitely going to make several trips to J.P. Licks that weekend!!

Sunday was race day for the crew team. ¬†Unfortunately the weather was HORRIBLE. ¬†Windy. raining. freezing. ¬†and they did not do so well. ¬†oh well. it happens. ¬†they never are amazing in the fall anyways. ¬†In the spring, however, they always do well. ¬†We got on the bus around 3 pm and headed back home. ¬†We got back around 10:30 and I stayed awake until about 2:30 AM helping my dad with funeral arrangements…. and then in the morning/the whole entire day- I finished up with the funeral arrangements and got an outfit from anne taylor loft for the funeral.

oh and I also did some level 2 SHRED today… Jillian kicked my bootay. But it was great. ¬†perfect thing to do for a crazy day like this- when you have almost no time at all!


okay well its getting late and tomorrow is another long day ahead.  We are leaving home around 8:30, then we have the viewing/funeral, the trip to the cemetery, and then a very nice luncheon afterwards.  As of now, I am planning to get back to school late tuesday night- but I may just end up going back early wednesday morning- we shall see!

Good night and thanks again for all of your kind words. ¬†It really means ALOT to me…

I am beat….and so is my doggie Andie

CIMG4398Time for bed!

Love always,


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Long day today for me. ¬†Today I came home for fall break. ¬†I took the train because I am going to boston this weekend (this way I can just take the train from boston right back to school). ¬†My mom picked me up and we grabbed some lunch and headed over to see my grandmom at the hospital. ¬†I knew she was not doing well AT ALL because my sisters and mom sort of gave me a heads up of what to expect. ¬†Even though I knew what to expect, when I walked in and saw her laying there in bed…my heart sank. ¬†Yesterday she was able to open her eyes and look around and today she couldnt even do that. ¬†My mom whispered into her ear and we could tell that she knew we were there because she moved her eyelids. ¬†She heard us talking and knew we were there with her. ¬†The entire time I had a huge lump in my throat….trying desperately hard to keep my “cool”. ¬†My mom then asked me if I wanted to say something in her ear. ¬†and that is when I lost it. ¬†I just said “I cant do it” and started to ball cry. ¬†My mom gave me a hug and some tissues and comforted me. ¬†I just hated seeing her in that condition. ¬†That is not the grandmom I knew. ¬†She wasnt the hip grandmom who babysat me when I was little, the one who had me over down the shore at her house for weeks in the summer, the one that made me her “famous french toast”, the one that taught water aerobics for the old people at her apartment complex, the one that went on cruises and traveled all over creation with her friends, the one that lived for the game rummikub, the one that would talk your ear off for hours on end, or the one that would buy my sisters and I PJs for every christmas…the lists go on and on. ¬†I just hate it. ¬†We left after about an hour and I distinctly remember looking back at her right before I exited the room thinking to myself “this is the last time I will ever see you for as long as I live.” ¬†We went about the day- I went to my dentist appointment and got my hair cut. ¬†Went food shopping and made dinner. ¬†and just now, as I am sitting here and typing this blog post, my Dad just came in the living room and told my sister and I that Grandmom passed away. ¬†and once again, I lost it. ¬†I have never dealt with losing anyone this close to me before and to tell you the truth, I am not dealing it very well. I feel like it was almost as if she waited for me to see her before she passed. ¬†My parents and both sisters got to see her. ¬†My little cousins saw her. ¬†I saw her this afternoon and my uncle (her son) flew in from out west tonight and literally just made it to see her. ¬†I miss her already. ¬†Things will never be the same without her around.




I love you grandmom …I will never ever ever forget you.

Well… I had a whole blog post already written before I learned about my Grandmom’s passing….so might as well give you what you guys all clicked on my blog for….

Woke up- feeling sooo much better than I have been feeling all week. ¬†I guess letting my body take a break from running did me good. ¬†I think I am going to try to wake up early before my doctor’s appointment to get a short run in though. ¬†I need to do SOME type of run before my 19 mile long run on saturday!!!!! ¬†I made a new favorite oatmeal combo of mine this morning:

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C H20, 1/2 C Skim milk, raisins (soaked while cooking so they plump up!), banana (1/2 cooked in 1/2 topped at the end), cinnamon, scoop of cinnamon raisin PB

1/2 C oats, 1/2 C H20, 1/2 C Skim milk, raisins (soaked while cooking so they plump up!), banana (1/2 cooked in 1/2 topped at the end), cinnamon, scoop of cinnamon raisin PB

I headed over to my Microbiology class. It was a miserable walk over there. ¬†I was soaking wet by the time I got to class! ¬†and of course no one was there since it was our last day before fall break. ¬† My other biology class was canceled because we took our exam yesterday and she decided to be nice and give us a day off…woot woot. ¬†My roommate Kelly drove me to the train station and I arrived in philly at around lunch time. My mommy picked me up and we headed to Panera Bread for a quick lunch.

1/2 Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (Zesty Peppadew‚ĄĘ piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro hummus on whole grain bread) w/ chicken noodle soup and a whole grain baguette

1/2 Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (Zesty Peppadew‚ĄĘ piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro hummus on whole grain bread) w/ chicken noodle soup and a whole grain baguette

Went to my dentist appointment to get a new retainer, went to get my hair cut (I told her to surprise me and that I wanted it to actually look like I cut my hair – and lets just say she chopped ALOT off- oh well I need a little change in my life haha), and came home to make dinner with my sister:


whole wheat linguine with homemade pasta sauce, broccoli, spinach, grated parm, and turkey meatballs

oh and I found some pumpkin at the store! ¬†hey…anything to make my day a little better will help:


well I better go now. my oldest sister is coming home from the hospital (she is a third year med student) to be with Mary and I.  and my parents had to head over to the hospital and should be back soon.  hope your day all went a tad bit better than mine.  have a nice weekend everyone. love you all.

love always,


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hello there.  sorry for being M.I.A. for a few days.  Things have just been crazy recently!!  Its midterm time here at Loyola and I have honestly had about  two and half weeks of nonstop studying.  and this week (more so than others) I have gotten very little sleep!  and what happens when you mix the changing weather with stress and no sleep?  yep, you guessed it.  Sick.  I woke up two nights ago with a aching throat and  stuffy nose.  Great. Just what I need!

Yesterday I was supposed to run 4 miles but due to the fact that I was beyond tired and could not breathe out of my nose, I decided to rest up. ¬†Instead, I went to my school’s yoga class….always does a great job at relaxing me and giving me some needed energy ūüėČ ¬†It honestly never ceases to amaze me how much energy you get from yoga.

Last night I made one of my new favorite dishes… Whole Wheat Penne with Sweet Potatoes and Ricotta Cheese (orginally found on Megan’s blog (Be Fit. Be Full. ¬†interestingly enough, she made this same dish last night for dinner, too! small world, eh?). ¬†anyway- this came out even better than the first time I made it. ¬†I just cant get enough of it! I added some spinach to the pasta too- gotta get the greens in!


Today I woke up early to review for my exams and enjoyed some Overnight Muesli oats ūüėČ

1/2 C Muesli, 1/4 stonyfield plain yogurt, 1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sliced banana, ground flax, cinnamon

1/2 C Muesli, 1/4 stonyfield plain yogurt, 1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sliced banana, ground flax, cinnamon

went to physics class, went to Calc class, took my 2 exams (biology of mammals and substance abuse) and went into the microbiology lab for open lab to do some tests (wohooo!). ¬†Was supposed to run 9 miles today. ¬†but who am I kidding? ¬†I am sick. I have not slept. ¬†and it is raining outside. not very good combos! ¬†My sisters and I will be in boston this weekend (for the head of the charles regatta) and I am running 19 miles on saturday (really should be running 18 but I am following my sister’s plan for this one). I would rather be healthy/ready for that rather than force myself through the midweek runs. ¬†I decided to do some yoga instead (level 2 of¬†Byran Kest Yoga DVD) and hopefully wake up before class tomorrow and go to the gym to do a low mileage run (at the gym because it will be pouring rain and FREEZING outside). ¬†so that is the grand plan as of now. ¬†we will see how it all ends up working out!

For dinner tonight I heated up some of Mama Weeds’ Lentil Chili with Seductionnnn bread ūüėČ



trying to get some hardcore work done tonight so I dont have to take pounds of homework with me to boston. lets see if i can make it happen ūüôā ¬†tomorrow I just have one class and then taking the train back home to philllyyyy!!!!! ¬†my sisters, mom, and I are going to grab some lunch together and then visit my grandmom at the hospital.

have a nice night


p.s. happy 21st romo ūüėČ

p.p.s. Katie (PR from crier communications) asked me to review Vaseline’s new line of lotion- Sheer Infusion:

“New Vaseline Sheer Infusion with¬†Stratys is¬†the biggest breakthrough in body lotion for over 10 years. It is the
only body¬†lotion designed¬† to infuse and suspend moisture across all layers of the¬†skin:¬†the top, core and deep down – for twice the moisture and an unmatched¬†silky skin¬†feel compared to leading everyday body lotions. Stratys-3 is the¬†most powerful,patented moisturizing complex on the market, ¬†combining three¬†ingredients that¬†infuse and suspend moisture across the skin’s top, core and deep down¬†layers.”


I have only used this a few times so I cannot do a full review on this quite yet but so far I am loving it! It makes my skin feel soft with out being sticky and gross feeling.

Katie also asked me to take part of the “pond’s towelette challenge”. ¬†I am comparing Pond’s towelettes to the competitor brand- Olay. ¬†Pond’s is the brand that I won in Ashley’s giveaway and the brand that I gave away in my own giveaway! So far I have only used the Pond’s brand- Original and microdermabrasion. ¬†I think I will continue using the pond’s towelettes for awhile so that I get a good feel for how I like them……and then switch to the olay brand. ¬†That way- I will be able to see if I can feel/see the difference. should be interesting!


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